TrellisSoft Inc. BlockChain
Blockchain Services

At TrellisSoft, our block chain solutions provide services to supply chain management, banking, financial institutions and various other industries. Our goal is to provide transparency, efficiency, and security to the services using our block chain solution.

Blockchain as a service:
  • Research and development
  • Design based on use case
  • Technology compatibility analysis
  • POC development
Blockchain Assistance:
  • Technology Consultant
  • Development on Ethereum, Hyper Leader, and Quorum
  • Integration Services
  • Testing Services
  • Implementation
Blockchain Solution:
  • Private Blockchain (Ethereum, Hyper Leader, Quorum)
  • Smart Contract, API’s
  • Distributed Application (DAPPS)
  • Industry e-sale blockchain solution
  • Supply chain solution
  • Auction and Bidding application
  • Smart Parking
Our Supply Chain Blockchain Solution product features:
  • Build on Ethereum – Smart Contact, Wallet, Crypto-Currency
  • Supply EDI Replacements with blockchain
  • Bit-Coin interface
Industry Focus & Expertises

With our global reach, we cater to customers from niche verticals. Our prior experience in these niche verticals helps us to innovate and explore better with every project that we take up. Here’s a look at our expertise sectors.

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